La Escandella

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Design and creation

Quality and design are present in all the manufacturing process

Manufacturing process Quality beyond excellence

Tiles are manufactured from a special selection of Mediterranean clays that are stored in open-sky areas in order to achieve the perfect homogeneous composition.

Afterwards, clay is crumbled and mixed in equal proportions with each kind of product by a computer-based process to obtain an ultra thin and utterly homogeneous grain.

Subsequently, the process continues with the kneading; the mix is vacuum-treated and compressed as much as possible throught a process of extrussion.

After the drying, the tiles are painted individually classified, and finally La Escandella rejects all those pieces which do not accomplish quality standards.

Our tiles are fired in a long tunnel kiln, allowing tiles to be gradually and homogeneously heated and cooled before leaving the tunnel kiln. Our tunnel kiln is monitored by a thermal balancing control system.