House in Manzanares El Real – Spain

Located in the Town Hall Square, a privileged place where the patron saint’s festivities are celebrated and where the social life of Manzanares El Real takes place. The houses here are private, as, although the municipality was the head of the Condado del Real de Manzanares, they did not exist as such: they were the […]

Balenyà House

The project works on the built volume using mainly wood and noble and traditional materials, such as ceramic roof tiles, with a modern architectural language. This building is made up of two very different parts, differentiated by the roofs. Taking advantage of the very warm indirect and direct lighting to achieve cosy and intimate spaces.

Azkarraga Caserio

The original mid-19th century building and its more recent single-storey extension were in ruins and only the perimeter masonry walls, up to a metre deep, could be preserved. The roof structure, as well as the internal structural elements, had collapsed due to the fact that the building had been abandoned for a long time. Being […]


The town of Calarasi is located on the banks of the Danube River. This position provides an environment of great environmental value nourished by an autochthonous fauna. In addition, most of its citizens are engaged in fishing and agriculture taking advantage of this location. The “CALARASI” project consists of a single-family house characterized by the […]

An 1892 house

This house, built in 1892 for the Governor of Perth (Australia), was already renovated 50 years ago with flat roof tiles, which were out of keeping with the aesthetics of colonial-era architecture. So, this time, Visum3 roof tile has been chosen for the roof refurbishment, as its flat aesthetics fit better with the architecture of […]

An enjoyable home

This project, located in south-eastern Australia, combines the minimalist style of the façade with the curvature and craftsmanship of the Mixed Roof Tile. Ceramic tiles bring longevity and durability to projects that, as in this case, need to withstand high temperatures.

Roof tiles surrounded by olive trees

Building created for the storage of olive oil. The shape of the building is inspired by the chapel of a medieval Italian castle, reflecting the origins of the owners. Instead of a mechanically controlled warehouse, this building emulates the way olive oil was stored in the villages of Italy, in caves or underground cellars with […]

The official residence of the Archbishop

The official residence of the Archbishop is in Canberra, at Regatta Point Parks ACT. It was officially opened on 8 April 1930. At the time of its erection, it would have overlooked the valley of the Molonglo river with views to Parliament house to the south. Location: Canberra (Australia) Category: Rehabilitation Type: Emblematic Roof […]