Central Market of Atarazanas

This is an operation of rehabilitation and recovery of the old Central Food Market of Atarazanas, as well as an operation of replacement of the existing stalls, as they do not meet the necessary conditions required at present. It is a unique building, in iron structure, from the end of the 19th century, with the […]

Supermarket with VerticalRoof

Red Klinker Vienna roof tile has been selected to cover the roof and envelope of the well-known supermarket in Las Palmas (Canarias). The building is made up of a total of 6 sloped roofs, which are built with ceramic tiles on metal battens and ceramic accessories, which allow the roof to be fully ventilated and […]

Bondi Beach Pavillion

The cultural significance of Bondi Beach’s iconic Bondi Pavilion warranted decades of setbacks in its proposed restoration. Now a modern multi-purpose community and cultural center, every aspect of the 1920s building fabric was upgraded. In one of the restoration’s most eye-catching features, playful bursts of colour pop amongst the terracotta roofing, using approximately 33,000 Bristile […]

VerticalRoof with Flat roof tile

The roof and facade form follows a complex curve that twists from the front to the rear, to open to the north and views, while tipping its height as the site falls, to be respectful of the neighbours and their light. Working closely with the builder and roof tiler, a full-scale mockup confirmed that Marseille […]

Korean Church

Emblematic project Location: Korea Type: Church Category: New construction Roof tile: Curved Colour: Red