Luxury hotel in Okinawa

Resort located in the unique village of Onna, in Kaigan Quasi-National Park, in a place of picturesque beauty on the coast of Okinawa. For the roof of this hotel complex we have opted for the tradition and elegance provided by the Mixed Tile in Brown. The following video shows the construction process of the resort: […]

Residential in Malaysia

Residential complex made up of several single-family homes that follow a similar minimalist aesthetic, combining the slate or brown roofs of La Escandella’s Planum tile range. The facilities include an infinity pool with a view of the city of Kuala Lumpur, located next to a small porch with a sloping roof and Planum Slate Klinker […]

The Cerdera

Ecofriendly construction from cero. The materials used in this project are based on the noble wood of the floor and ceiling, and on the rest of the materials, achieving a very warm and cosy atmosphere. The roof is covered with La Escandella roof tiles, providing a sustainable and natural material, as they do not have […]

Señorío de Illescas, Illescas, Toledo

The house plays with the line of the horizon and the vision of the spectator from its different positions: sitting, lying, standing, trying at all times to generate changing visions of a playful and comfortable space, continuous but very articulate, looking for the relationship of space to the more domestic human scale. The construction incorporates […]