Maribal Village

A total of 50 single-family homes with pitched gable roofs, for which the Planum ceramic tile has been chosen in an ash finish. A shade that combines perfectly with the cream-coloured ceramic tiles chosen for the envelope and the wood finishes.

Valenoso, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

The Project aims to define the architectural solution to be carried out for the construction of a building of 48 dwellings, and a basement floor under ground for use garages, storage rooms and facilities, as well as common garden areas with swimming pool. The planned building has a suitable enclosure to limit the energy demand […]

Isla de Alvora, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

In this project of 36 houses, Isla de Alvora highlight two lines, on the one hand, in the urban one, the humanization of the factors of integration with the environment is sought, and on the other hand, in the human scale, the aim is to articulate the dwellings optimizing their distribution. The buildings as a […]