Home with Innova roof tile

A two-storey detached house that combines modernity and functionality in equal parts, combining black and white on its roof and façade. This double pitched roof, with different slopes on each side, has been made with Innova Slate klinker roof tile. Thanks to its large longitudinal overlap, it avoids cuts in the tiles, reducing installation time […]

Rehabilitation with Innova roof tile

Over time, the asphalt fabric has deteriorated, which considerably affects the waterproofing of the roof, causing problems of leaks and damp in the interior. For this reason, it has been decided to refurbish the roofs of this development with ceramic tiles, which provide greater protection and waterproofing for the building. The white of the façade […]

bio-passive LILU’S HOUSE

LILU’s HOUSE is a bio-passive house designed to save energy. It has already met all the requirements of Passivhaus certification, the world’s most demanding energy efficiency certification, in its Plus category. In terms of electricity generation, it has an installation of the Planum Photovoltaic Solar System, a solar tile that provides 8,436 kWh/m2 per year. […]

Elegant Queensland home

This property in Queensland that demanded a careful selection of products to complement the elegant and classic design details of the home. The choice of roof tiles is an integral part of achieving the look of a shingled roof, using material that offers longevity and suiting the Queensland climate. The tiles provide a sophisticated finish, […]

Planum Photovoltaic Solar System

Project Planum Photovoltaic Solar System Location: Spain Category: Rehabilitation Type: Residential Roof tile: Planum kliker H-Selection Colour: Slate

Innova Slate, Madrid

Project: Innova Slate klinker Location: Madrid (Spain) Category: New construction Type: Residential building Roof tile: Innova klinker H-Selection Colour: Slate