New Blackstone Planum Side Course

We are willing to delight our customers and the Blackstone Side Course is the brand new development for this Planum profile.

Side courses combine a look of elegance and aesthetic. Furthermore, their water channels perform to canalize the rain water as a traditional roof gutter. Follow La Escandella does recommend for their fixing:

The proper way to install La Escandella side courses is by using polyurethane foam, nailing, or screwing. La Escandella does recommends to seal any perforated area of the tile.

In order to avoid breakages it is required to pierce the pre hole with a screw stroke (ø max. 4mm), otherwise the tile can be cracked or chipped.

See below the video link for a perfect way to install Planum roof tiles in order to have a well roof ventilated. Roof ventilation is important among other reasons because it extends the life of your roof, save energy costs and avoid moisture.

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