Vienna Housing Complex

Housing complex made up of single-family houses with a double-height Vienna tile roof, the shape of which is characterised by its lateral groove, giving homogeneity to the roof.

Galaxy Vienna in Madrid

Residential development of single-family houses built with the Vienna roof tile of La Escandella. The flatness, presented in its maximum exponent, reflects the beauty of this tile. The large central groove characterises its shape, giving homogeneity to the roof. Ubicación: España Categoría: Obra nueva Tipo de obra: Residencial Tejas: Vienna Color: Galaxy Klinker

Supermarket with VerticalRoof

Red Klinker Vienna roof tile has been selected to cover the roof and envelope of the well-known supermarket in Las Palmas (Canarias). The building is made up of a total of 6 sloped roofs, which are built with ceramic tiles on metal battens and ceramic accessories, which allow the roof to be fully ventilated and […]