Rehabilitation with Innova roof tile

Over time, the asphalt fabric has deteriorated, which considerably affects the waterproofing of the roof, causing problems of leaks and damp in the interior. For this reason, it has been decided to refurbish the roofs of this development with ceramic tiles, which provide greater protection and waterproofing for the building. The white of the façade […]

Supermarket with VerticalRoof

Red Klinker Vienna roof tile has been selected to cover the roof and envelope of the well-known supermarket in Las Palmas (Canarias). The building is made up of a total of 6 sloped roofs, which are built with ceramic tiles on metal battens and ceramic accessories, which allow the roof to be fully ventilated and […]

Balenyà House

The project works on the built volume using mainly wood and noble and traditional materials, such as ceramic roof tiles, with a modern architectural language. This building is made up of two very different parts, differentiated by the roofs. Taking advantage of the very warm indirect and direct lighting to achieve cosy and intimate spaces.

Azkarraga Caserio

The original mid-19th century building and its more recent single-storey extension were in ruins and only the perimeter masonry walls, up to a metre deep, could be preserved. The roof structure, as well as the internal structural elements, had collapsed due to the fact that the building had been abandoned for a long time. Being […]

Country house in Melbourne

The Planum Blackstone roof tile blends perfectly with the color palette of the property, since it is all based on grays, from darker to lighter tones, and whites. The rough textured finish of the tile contrasts with the wood used in the facade.

An 1892 house

This house, built in 1892 for the Governor of Perth (Australia), was already renovated 50 years ago with flat roof tiles, which were out of keeping with the aesthetics of colonial-era architecture. So, this time, Visum3 roof tile has been chosen for the roof refurbishment, as its flat aesthetics fit better with the architecture of […]

bio-passive LILU’S HOUSE

LILU’s HOUSE is a bio-passive house designed to save energy. It has already met all the requirements of Passivhaus certification, the world’s most demanding energy efficiency certification, in its Plus category. In terms of electricity generation, it has an installation of the Planum Photovoltaic Solar System, a solar tile that provides 8,436 kWh/m2 per year. […]

Elegant Queensland home

This property in Queensland that demanded a careful selection of products to complement the elegant and classic design details of the home. The choice of roof tiles is an integral part of achieving the look of a shingled roof, using material that offers longevity and suiting the Queensland climate. The tiles provide a sophisticated finish, […]