Bondi Beach Pavillion

The cultural significance of Bondi Beach’s iconic Bondi Pavilion warranted decades of setbacks in its proposed restoration. Now a modern multi-purpose community and cultural center, every aspect of the 1920s building fabric was upgraded. In one of the restoration’s most eye-catching features, playful bursts of colour pop amongst the terracotta roofing, using approximately 33,000 Bristile […]

The Cerdera

Ecofriendly construction from cero. The materials used in this project are based on the noble wood of the floor and ceiling, and on the rest of the materials, achieving a very warm and cosy atmosphere. The roof is covered with La Escandella roof tiles, providing a sustainable and natural material, as they do not have […]


The town of Calarasi is located on the banks of the Danube River. This position provides an environment of great environmental value nourished by an autochthonous fauna. In addition, most of its citizens are engaged in fishing and agriculture taking advantage of this location. The “CALARASI” project consists of a single-family house characterized by the […]

An enjoyable home

This project, located in south-eastern Australia, combines the minimalist style of the façade with the curvature and craftsmanship of the Mixed Roof Tile. Ceramic tiles bring longevity and durability to projects that, as in this case, need to withstand high temperatures.

Roof tiles surrounded by olive trees

Building created for the storage of olive oil. The shape of the building is inspired by the chapel of a medieval Italian castle, reflecting the origins of the owners. Instead of a mechanically controlled warehouse, this building emulates the way olive oil was stored in the villages of Italy, in caves or underground cellars with […]

VerticalRoof with Flat roof tile

The roof and facade form follows a complex curve that twists from the front to the rear, to open to the north and views, while tipping its height as the site falls, to be respectful of the neighbours and their light. Working closely with the builder and roof tiler, a full-scale mockup confirmed that Marseille […]

The official residence of the Archbishop

The official residence of the Archbishop is in Canberra, at Regatta Point Parks ACT. It was officially opened on 8 April 1930. At the time of its erection, it would have overlooked the valley of the Molonglo river with views to Parliament house to the south. Location: Canberra (Australia) Category: Rehabilitation Type: Emblematic Roof […]